In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Jennifer Rubin listed things she was grateful for in a Washington Post column yesterday. I felt grateful that her list was so long. If you’d added up everything on it, you’d have a lot more cause for hope than seemed warranted a month ago, and you’d come up with one particularly big reason for gratitude — American democracy withstood the assault of election deniers and thuggish-minded Trumpians in the recent elections.

Congress and state governments are still riddled with cynical opportunists, election deniers, and unprincipled politicians who have demonstrated that they would be content with the United States transitioning into a country making its way through history under the yoke of authoritarian rule. But it’s just possible that the tide has turned. It’s just possible that we’ll get through this crisis and come out of it stronger than ever. At this moment, there is cause for hope, though not not yet cause to relax.