he 2024 Presidential Election and the Grave Threat that Attends It.

I’ve come across a lot of unsettling headlines in recent years, none more so than for an opinion piece by three retired generals that can be found on today’s online Washington Post: “The military must prepare now for a 2024 insurrection.”

The authors hypothesize this plausible scenario: The outcome of the presidential election in 2024 is contested; an insurrection and armed confrontations ensue; conflicting claims are made as to who is in rightful command of our armed forces; some military units align themselves with one claimant and others with the other claimant.

The present administration, Congress, and the military leadership must act effectively to ensure that neither this scenario nor anything like it can occur. The authors lay out steps that need to be taken. Their warning and their advice should be treated as a matter of highest importance and priority.