The Power Player and the Compromiser

Mitch McConnell, the majority leader of the senate, who is the most powerful Republican politician not counting the ghost of Donald Trump, is determined to block every piece of legislation the Biden administration advances, regardless of whether doing so would be good for our country or not. That’s because McConnell doesn’t care a whit about our country. He only cares about gaining and solidifying power. Nearly all his Republican colleagues follow his lead. After rejecting his own party’s position on voting rights legislation, Democratic senator Joe Manchin, a great believer in bipartisanship, advanced a compromise and persuaded some Republican senators to endorse it. Predictably, McConnell rejected it. Attempting to reach a bipartisan consensus would contravene his basic credo: Block everything Democrats want.

Will Manchin learn from this the limits of “bipartisanship?
My guess is that he will, but pretend he hasn’t.