Heading Nowhere

In 2017, the Trump administration’s great legislative initiative, revising the tax code to sharply reduce taxes on corporations and provide even greater tax breaks than already existed for the rich and especially for the super rich, sailed through the Republican-controlled Congress in a flash of time. It now appears that after prolonged struggle, Democrats may be able to enact only a grievously diluted version of Biden’s plan to strengthen our country. address to some degree crippling and unconscionable economic inequities, and combat climate change. In blocking legislation, Republicans and “moderate” Democrats are pinning our country down, stifling progress, and snuffing out opportunities. One example: In a Washington Post column yesterday, Katrina vanden Heuvel reported that “the average country in the Western industrialized world spends $14,436 annually per child on toddler care. The United States spends a measly $500.” This is the kind of country it appears we will continue to be.