Hogan for President?

Maryland Republican Larry Hogan attracts attention because he has twice been elected governor in a generally Democratic state. He is one of the few highly placed Republicans who has been sufficiently honorable to repudiate Trump. Could he successfully run against Trump in a Republican primary? Astute Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin likes the idea. She suggests that a ticket of Hogan and Liz Cheney, or Hogan and anti-Trump Republican governor of Arkansas Asa Hutchinson would carry a lot of weight. But isn’t a solid majority of Republicans pro-Trump? Wouldn’t Trump prevail over even fairly formable candidates opposing him in a primary? Maybe so but maybe not, especially since Trump’s criminality is likely to be increasingly exposed during the next couple of years in the course of investigations and litigation. If Hogan won the primary, the Republican Party could be restored to legitimacy, and the country saved from being under the thumb of a dangerous sociopath. Even if Trump prevailed in the primary, Hogan would have performed a great service to the country in demonstrating what the Republican Party could stand for if it was willing to extract itself from the moral quagmire it’s slipped into by tolerating and supporting Trump. If Hogan runs against Trump, it would be a salutary development at the least, and might be the catalyst that saves our democracy.