How a Scoundrel Like Trump or DeSantis Might Beat Biden in 2024.

It’s likely that too many people rightly distrust and dislike Trump and DeSantis for either of them to beat Biden in the 2024 presidential race, unless a heavily financed and promoted, seemingly centrist and capable third-party candidate enters the race — someone who would syphon off a great many more votes that would otherwise go to Biden than to Trump or DeSantis. That’s what the “No Labels” initiative appears to be bent on doing. If you’re an extreme right-wing, authoritarian-minded, dark money dispensing multi-billionaire, your megabucks may be more effective in getting Trump or DeSantis elected if you funnel them to the No Labels campaign than to the Trump or DeSantis campaign. It will be fascinating, though scary, to see how the political struggle evolves during the barely more than eighteen months to the 2024 elections.