How to Calm Trump Down

Trump is throwing a prolonged fit of pathologically extreme proportions because he can’t bear being a loser. Morally deficient Republicans are trying to calm him down and escape vengeful responses from Trump and members of the Trump cult by pretending that there may be some merit in his absurd false claims.

     Better would be to tell him this:

Yes, Biden won, but he only won another boring election of someone who will  have to stand and take it while the media snipe at him for four years. What really matters is that you’re the winner in the world-wide competition to decide who is the greatest con-man of all time. You are the greatest. You WON! You demonstrated again and again that you’re a sociopath and a grave danger to the country and to humanity at large, and that you don’t give a damn about anyone but yourself, but you were still able to con over 73 million people into voting for you. That was a tremendous accomplishment. No one on the planet could have done that but you! Do you mind if we say it again: You are the greatest. You will be in the history books and the Guinness Book of World Records long after Biden is forgotten. Now let us help you pack your belongings, so you can get out of this dump. No, nobody will notice if you snatch that vase that’s been here since Dolly Madison was the first lady. A very stable genius like you deserves a souvenir.