Ignorance, Resentment, Megalomania, Greed, and Democracy

A lot Trump supporters believe the phony arguments about how the election was stolen. A lot of seditious-prone individuals think that they are like heroes of the American Revolution. A lot of them can’t grasp the distinction between the noble principles that guided George Washington and the megalomaniacal sense of entitlement that guides Donald Trump.

The result of this tragic state of mass ignorance, coupled with stoked-up resentment, coupled with the shameless opportunism and power hunger of Republicans in positions of power and their super rich backers and media allies is a state of affairs in which, as Jennifer Rubin wrote the other day, “Republicans are the immediate threat to our democracy.”

If we survive this immediate threat, Rubin says, “the longer-term problem of civic illiteracy remains. If Democrats do not champion American democratic values, Republicans will continue to trample them.”