Journey to the Year 3000 – The Interactive Audio Adventure!

In October, 2020, SpeechCloud Studios, Amsterdam, released my adaptation of one of my favorite Choose Your Own Adventure®* books, Journey to the Year 3000, as an interactive audio adventure. Not long ago, I didn’t know there was such a thing, so in case you don’t, and are interested, here’s how it works, and, by the way, it’s free!

If you have an Amazon Alexa enabled device (mine is called an Echo Dot), once it’s up and running, say these exact words: “Alexa, launch Journey 3000.” You’ll soon find yourself about a thousand years in the future.

The story is narrated by my grandson David Corenswet, who to my good fortune happens to be a highly accomplished professional actor. He recounts what’s happening to you in the story and gives you choices from time to time. You say what you decide to do, and the story continues from there, just as it did in the original book except for some terrifying new situations.

If you undertake this adventure, even if you don’t survive to get back to the present from the year 3000, if you think it’s worth commenting on, please consider visiting the Amazon skill store and say what you think.

Note: You may see references to Journey to the Year 3000 as a “skill.” That’s because Amazon, which is a corporate version of a narcissist, calls interactive products like this an Alexa “skill.” From their standpoint, what anyone creates and produces is simply another skill that one of their computers has acquired.

I should also say that, if you’ve played (Is that the right word?) the story for a while and quit and later want to start over at the beginning, or from where you left off, say to your device, ”Alexa, launch Journey 3000,” and whoosh –– you’ll be there.

If you try it out, here’s wishing you good luck and a safe return from the future.

*Choose Your Own Adventure is now a registered trademark of ChooseCo LLC, which is not related in any manner to me, this product, or SpeechCloud Studios.