Last Night’s Democratic Candidate Debate

Our country needs not only to rid itself of the sociopath we have as president; it needs a sea change in public attitude, a revolution of desires. I hope the Democrats nominate a candidate who is capable, authentic, vibrant, and inspiring. 

     Last night Kamala Harris stood out from the other candidates in persuasiveness, judgment, and authority. She is, at the moment, my first choice. Gillibrand showed some of the same stuff, but was narrower in her focus. Biden didn’t make any serious gaffes, but there’s nothing inspiring, in fact there’s something depressing, about him. Sanders was assertive, but imprecise, and I think he lacks broad appeal. He would be a very risky bet as a nominee. Buttigieg was solid, but not likely to inspire a big turnout among African American voters. Bennet was solid and sharp, though short on charisma. The other candidates seem to be good and capable people, but peripheral. Among candidates with any stature, Hickenlooper, in particular, seems out of his league. (He should be running for the senate.) It will be interesting to see how the polls are affected by the debates.