Last Night’s Presidential Debate

I only watched about half of it. Trump is a con man, fraudulent to the core. I can’t stand looking at him. Biden is stolid, knowledgeable, and competent. It’s tragic that Trump was elected. It’s tragic that he wasn’t expelled from office after being impeached. It’s tragic that Republicans have supported his candidacy for reelection. After I left the debate, I settled down with my computer and checked out the Astronomy Picture of the Day, which showed a picture of a NASA probe that had landed on an asteroid about 180 million miles away and was gathering little rocks to bring back to our planet for examination. Neat. This morning I was glad to read Jennifer Rubin’s observation in a Washington Post column: “Nothing that occurred during Thursday Night’s debate increases the chances we will have to endure four more years of the unhinged, know-nothing narcissistic president.”