Letter to the Editor of my local (Colorado) newspaper

Real Republicans, Gardner and Tipton

My sentiments lie with the economic philosophy of Democrats, principally because the system has become increasingly rigged in favor of the rich and very rich, whose after-tax wealth has greatly increased over the past few decades in relation to that of the poor and the middle class. Nonetheless, I agree with much of what real Republicans believe in. Real Republicans believe in personal honesty, truthfulness, respect for the Constitution and the rule of law, opposition to executive overreaching, free trade subject to reasonable protection of U.S. interests, strengthening alliances with other democracies, and opposing tyranny in all its forms. 

     President Trump has consistently disregarded every one of these principles. Yet, Senator Cory Gardner and Congressman Scott Tipton and most other Republicans have supported and protected him and continue to do so even though it’s become clear that he tried to shake down Ukraine president Zelensky, holding up military aid authorized by Congress and implying to Zelensky that restoring it would be conditional on Zelensky doing “a favor” –– not a favor to benefit the United States, but to benefit Trump’s political campaign!  

     Even when Trump acts like a mob boss instead of a president, Gardner and Tipton choose to go along with him. Their policies favor the rich and super rich at the expense of everyone else. What’s more, they’re not even real Republicans. For that reason alone they should be voted out of office.