Liberty, Libertarianism, Anarchy, and Fascism.

Liberty is limited by a reasonable respect for the rights of others. Hence, free speech does not include the right to falsely cry Fire! in a crowded theater.

Libertarianism includes liberty for the most part but without respecting the rights of others. An example is the way that
libertarians oppose background checks as a requisite to gun ownership.

Anarchy is libertarianism in the extreme. An example is a conspiracy among truckers to block international bridges for prolonged periods to protest vaccines mandates. The right of free expression in this context falls far short of justifying acting in such a destructive manner. Republican Senator Ron Paul stepped across the line from libertarianism to anarchism when he urged truckers to “clog” American cities.

Fascism is ruthless form of autocracy that wantonly deprives people of liberty to the extent it suits the purposes of the fascist regime in power. Although fascism — heavy handed to total control over public and private affairs — is at the opposite pole from anarchy, fascists seeking to gain power find anarchistic behavior congenial to their purposes. A society beset by anarchistic behavior is vulnerable to fascistic aspirants, who typically claim that only by putting them in power can order be restored.