Lies and Big Lies

Trump traffics in lies. Large numbers of his supporters admire how he gets away with it. It appears that the Republican senators and cabinet members who allow him to stay in office admire how he gets away with it.

     Despite the efforts of Trump and his enablers to becloud overwhelming evidence of his criminality and gross unfitness to hold office, truth has been filtering into public consciousness. When ordinary lies don’t suffice, aspiring despots resort to Big Lies. Trump and his enablers have fabricated a monstrous one: that the Mueller investigation was initiated and conducted as part of a treasonous attempt by Democrats to force a duly elected president out of office. To invest his Big Lie with an aura of authenticity, Trump has ordered the attorney general to investigate this fabricated scandal: those responsible for betraying their country should be prosecuted and locked up. 

    In his long history of fraudulent conduct, this may be the biggest and most outrageous con Trump has ever attempted. Republicans controlling the senate who encourage it or tolerate it deserve as much condemnation as Trump himself.