Mean-Spirited People

Avid (sometimes livid) Trump supporters and enablers are quick to attack any Democratic candidate who they fear might expose, to a much wider audience, that their avatar is a total fraud and charlatan. In view of her strong performance in the Democratic candidates debate, it was inevitable that Kamala Harris would become one of their prime targets. I read that she was castigated because she wasn’t black enough. Not only that, she wasn’t descended from American slaves. Her grandparents were Jamaican, apparently a worse fault even than Obama’s in having a father who was Kenyan. And, come to think of it, they say, Harris’s grandparents were Jamaican slave owners! And so on, and so on, and this is the sort of crude calumny we can expect a steady stream of between now and the election. The cardinal characteristic of Trump supporters, other than those who are woefully deluded, is that they are mean-spirited, just like the man to whom they’ve given their allegiance.