“Merrick Garland is the wrong man for the job.”

This is the heading of one of Jennifer Rubin’s online Washington Post columns yesterday. It reflects a highly important unfortunate situation: No one was more qualified to be attorney general of the United States than Merrick Garland. After witnessing the subjugation of the Justice Department to the self-serving will of the sociopathic former president, and how the Department became sullied by corruption, bad faith, politicization, and unethical conduct on the part of Trump DOJ appointees and complicit subordinates, Garland resolved that not only would he adhere to the highest standards of conduct, but that he would make every effort to avoid any taint of politicalization, a stance that bespeaks his impeccable character and professionalism, but amounts to sweeping under the rug gross wrongdoings during the Trump administration, which, if the health of our democracy is to be restored, must be brought to light.