Moral; Immoral

Many issues are shades of gray. Some are black and white, right and wrong, moral and immoral. Yesterday, the House passed sweeping gun safety legislation. All but five Republicans voted against it. Because of the anti-democratic filibuster rule, at least 10 of the 50 Republican senators must vote in favor the legislation for it to pass. It has no chance of passing, because only 5 out of the 50 Republican senators will vote for it. 5 right, 45 wrong; 5 moral, 45 immoral. 90% of Republican senators are more interested in taking money from the gun lobby or preserving their political standing in the party than in reducing the rate of massacres in our distressed country. That’s why Jennifer Rubin’s first Washington Post column today is titled: “Republicans should see what an AR-15 does to a child’s body.”