Mr. Bloomberg, Your Country Needs You, But Not the Way You Wish

Jennifer Rubin hit it out of the park again in her Washington Post column yesterday, pointing out five much better things super billionaire Michael Bloomberg could spend money on than running for president. Number 1 on the list: Buy Fox News. 

It would indeed be nice to disassemble the prime right-wing propaganda channel, which has acted as if it’s the state-run media outlet of the authoritarian ruler that Trump relentlessly tries so desperately to become. If Fox News were liquidated or converted into reputable news organization, a great weight would be lifted from our country’s shoulders.

The trouble is that it’s doubtful that Murdoch would sell Fox News. People like that crave power as much as money. They want both. Then there’s a danger that the network’s star propagandists would reconstitute their disinformation machine on another cable channel. 

In any case, Jennifer is right. Bloomberg has done a lot of good things  –– his vigorous opposition to the gun lobby is an example –– but he could do a lot more good than by running for president.