The statement Mueller’s delivered yesterday about the Mueller report provided no new information, and he said he doesn’t want to be questioned about it. In acting this way, he is being careful not to exceed the confines of his assignment as special counsel. He has solidified his reputation for being circumspect. 

     Mueller plans to resign from the Justice Department and resume life as a private citizen. He thinks his work is done. It’s not, because he is not any private citizen. He is one who possesses a great deal of information that is of the highest public interest, and he is in a unique position to inform a perplexed and divided citizenry of the true facts and the true stakes. The appropriate Congressional committees should subpoena him and grill him under oath in public session. We can count on him to be truthful. Only those wanting to cover up the truth have reason to object. Unless Mueller wants to be remembered more as an competent and dutiful robot than as a courageous and patriotic citizen, he has no reason to object either.