My Choice in the Primary Election

The incumbent Congressional Representative for my district, Lauren Boebert, is one of the most extreme MAGA (Trumpian) types in Congress. A more conventional Republican is challenging her in the primary this month, but is not expected to win. As a progressive Democrat, I have to decide which of two Democratic candidates to vote for in the primary, each of whom has strengths and weaknesses. Neither one is impressive — neither of them is making the point that democracy itself is on the ballot this year! No hint from either of them that the Republican Party has become the Authoritarian Party. Despite their failings, they are both vastly preferable to Boebert’s Republican challenger and infinitely preferable to Boebert. My vote in the primary contest will not be necessarily be for the candidate who would be the best person to represent our district, but for the one that would be most likely to win the general election. I have to make that judgment mowtly based on their respective websites. At the moment, it looks like a coin toss between the two of them. I have three weeks to decide.