My Election Anxiety Dream

The grim truth about Trump and his enablers never reaches many tens of millions of American voters. It’s blocked, perverted, controverted, pulverized, and dissipates in thin air. One night last week I had a Kafkaesque dream. I had a new job, which was to read the news aloud on a cable TV network. I arrived at the studio well ahead of time. I thought the producers would brief me on what I was to do, but no one would tell me where I was to stand to deliver the news, or what the news was, or when I was to begin. Then, suddenly I was standing in a booth, I was live on the screens of millions of viewers, but I had no script, no news to read. I explained to viewers that I had no script with news to recite to them. I said a few words of encouragement and consolation to those suffering from the pandemic, and my brief time on camera was over. The production people were disappointed in me. I would not be invited back. People would never get the news.