My Letter to the Editor of the Durango Herald, Colorado, published yesterday.


I got a postcard in the mail urging me to vote for Lauren Boebert, who is running to retain her seat as the representative for Colorado’s 3rd C.D. Three reasons were given for voting for Boebert: that she is Pro-Freedom, Pro-Guns, and Pro-Constitution.

The trouble is:

Boebert would force a woman to complete a pregnancy and give birth against her will. That’s not Pro-freedom;

Boebert is is a slavish supporter of the former president, who fomented an insurrection and pressured government officials in an effort to remain in office by blocking the orderly transition of government and overturning the conclusively validated 2020 presidential election. That’s not Pro-Constitution.

Boebert is Pro-guns! But what does it mean to be “pro-guns”? It doesn’t mean being supportive of the Second Amendment, which is the law of the land and therefore not an issue to be debated. For Boebert, it means being mindlessly opposed to any sensible gun safety measures allowed by the Second Amendment that would likely reduce the incidence of mass shootings.

Boebert is honest about one of her three claims, but empty headed as to all of them. That’s more than enough reason to vote for her honorable and capable Democratic opponent, Adam Frisch.