News Articles

I read several articles a day. Many of them are interesting and enlightening. A lot of them have intriguing titles but turn out to be what I think are called “nothing burgers.” An article I skimmed through today left me thinking, “Huh?” It was by a psychoanalyst and was titled “The Case Against Being a Good Person.” A lot of her patients feel shame, apparently because they’ve been inundated with admonitions and instructions that got them mired down fearing that they aren’t a good person. Stop obsessing about such things and do what you want to is the message I took away from this professional counselor. In my view, she should tell her patients that if they fear that they aren’t a good person, they should try being one. The Dalai Lama knows: Being a good person promotes your happiness as well as that of others. Another article I read today was ironically uplifting. It was by a woman who has terminal cancer. She is destined to die in what should be mid-life, but she appears to have had more than a full life’s worth of living, and she appreciates living a lot more than she fears dying. Bravo!, I thought. I look forward to each day’s new articles and wish I had time to read more.