Nihilism on the Loose

In his MSNBC news and commentary show last evening, Chris Hayes profiled the Anti-Vax rally in Washington this past weekend. The United States ranks with Russia as the least vaccinated major country because of such people — the disinformation spreaders who are responsible for the much higher incidence of illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths from Covid than would be the case if our country were not so replete with malicious nut-cakes and cynical opportunists shrieking Wolf! when there is no wolf. The most vocal of this cadre of deranged misanthropes compare doctors who urge people to get vaccinated to the vile Nazi doctors who experimented on helpless people against their will. Anti-Vax is just one of the species of mass hysteria that has infected our country, spread by agents of nihilism propelled by greed and resentment instead of empathy and love.