Note from the “You Can Tell the Men from the Boys by the Price of Their Toys” Department

Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man ever, has commissioned construction of the world’s most expensive yacht ever. It’s reported cost is $500 million. The upkeep and operating cost will probably be at least $50 million a year. The only thing it lacks is a helicopter pad. That’s not a problem for Mr. Bezos. He has ordered an assistant yacht with a helicopter pad. The assistant yacht will tag along behind the main yacht. The assistant yacht can probably be obtained for under a $100 million and will only cost $10 million a year to maintain.

  The only problem, as I see it, speaking as a former naval person, is that if Mr. Bezos wants to take a helicopter to get somewhere from his yacht, he’ll first have to take a motor boat from it to get to his assistant yacht. How plebeian. 

 I suspect that Mr. Bezos will take a couple of rides on his new yacht, but quickly tire of it and put it on the market. He may have trouble selling it. Ordinary billionaires won’t  be able to afford it.