Notes from Surreal Land

Trump says he can declassify documents just by his thought processes. Regardless of how it’s marked, regardless of its history, no document can be identified as either classified or unclassified except by Trump or someone who knows what Trump is thinking, and that knowledge is evanescent, because Trump’s thoughts may change at any moment. Trump is not only a scoundrel, he is demonstrably crazy; yet he has such a large cult following that Republican politicians can’t win primaries without the their support. And what does Trump want? He wants to be president again, so he can pardon himself and family and cronies and all his thuggish supporters and attain authoritarian power. Democrats and the media should get it across to voters that these are not ordinary elections that are almost upon us: The Republican Party is not what it was. We’re in danger of waking up after Election Day and finding that we’re not in a democracy anymore.