Ominous News of the Day

Each day when I check the news, I come across an ominous headline or story. It takes considerable composure not to be unnerved by the drumbeat of oncoming doom. I should cite an example.

Here’s one picked at random. A heavily financed coalition with heavy-weight supporters calling itself “No Labels” is working to field a presidential nominee who will appeal to people who don’t favor either the Democratic or Republican nominee. An article I read about this movement referred to the 2000 election in which Ralph Nader won 97,000 votes in Florida, which Al Gore lost to G. W. Bush by 537 votes. There’s no question that Gore lost many more votes to Nader than Bush did. Nader gave us Bush. There’s a serious danger that No Labels could give us Trump or DeSantis, either of which would be a far worse calamity.

Be assured: Despite the wealth of material, I’m not going to turn this blog into “the ominous news of the day.”