On the Significance of the Word “Brave” in Our Present Circumstances

A Washington Post article the other day referred to “a few brave Republicans speaking out against the ‘big lie’ of a stolen election.” What was brave about their speaking out? What would be the consequences of being truthful, honest, and responsible? If they were legislators, they might receive a primary challenge from a rabid Trumpian. Is that such a risk that it requires bravery to take it? Whether they were legislators or not, by speaking out, they might receive intimidating threats from the thuggish paramilitary contingent of MAGA cultists, who are not just tolerated, but encouraged, by the well-tailored leaders of the Republican Party. One-third of Americans say that it may be necessary to use violence to attack the government. Such folks, most of them well-armed, describe themselves as champions of freedom even as they try to limit that that hallowed right to those brave enough to contest their vicious and nihilistic agenda.