Once Again, Republicans Reveal Themselves for What They Are

Yesterday, The House of Representatives, having far more than ample cause to do so (expulsion from Congress would have been a more appropriate sanction), voted to censure one of its members, Paul Gosar (R – Arizona). Gosar had used congressional resources to produce and release a cartoon video of him murdering Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D -New York). Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank reported that “In the video, the Gosar figure flies through the air and slashes the Ocasio-Cortez figure across the back of the neck. Blood sprays profusely from the neck wound.” That only two Republican members of Congress (about 1% of them) voted to censure Gosar reveals with crystal clarity the degree to which Republicans and the Republican Party have abandoned all sense of responsibility, decency, and fitness to hold public office. They are a shameful lot. Their perpetuation in positions of power constitutes a grave threat to our country.