Republican Senators

Suppose you had polled all the Republican members of the senate four years ago and asked this question:

“Imagine that in 2020 a pandemic would make mail-in voting much safer. Would you support a president, whether a Democrat or a Republican, who, fearing that he or she would not be reelected, directed the compliant postmaster general he or she had appointed to impede mail delivery service to a degree that a great many mail-in votes would not be received by election day, thereby delegitimizing the election?”

I am sure that very few would have answered “Yes.” Yet now, when this is exactly what is happening, not one Republican senator has withdrawn support from Trump. The whole lot of them have slid down the slippery slope of accommodating an aspiring autocrat who is betraying his office and betraying our country in the plain light of day. The whole lot of them should be turned out of office.