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One Conclusive Reason to Vote for Adam Frisch

On January 6, 2021, our representative in Congress, Lauren Boebert, was among the 139 Republican members of the House of Representatives — about two-thirds of all House Republicans — who voted to dispute the Electoral College count that established Joe Biden as having won the 2020 Presidential Election. They hadn’t the slightest basis for doing so other than to promote and perpetuate Trump’s Big Lie that the election was stolen. This was the day of the assault on the Capitol and Trump’s attempt to retain power despite having lost — to bring off a coup and transform American democracy into an autocratic form of government headed by himself.

That one man would betray our country in this fashion is lamentable. That the Republican Party and the large majority of Republican politicians committed themselves to aiding him is a monumental tragedy.

Lauren Boebert was and continues to be one of those election deniers. She is a prominent figure among the forces seeking to convert our political system into one-party authoritarian rule. There are many reasons why Adam Frisch would better serve our district’s interests than Lauren Boebert. One reason alone is conclusive: Boebert favors and will work to bring about extreme right-wing authoritarian control of our government: Frisch favors and will work to preserve and strengthen American democracy, free and fair elections, and our sacred principles of justice and fairness and that no person is above the law.