Serial Killers

It’s striking how in certain instances a person can act maliciously, causing the deaths of others, yet not be subject to criminal prosecution. That’s the case with people who have a large audience and, although they know otherwise, assert that vaccines are harmful and best avoided and that vaccine requirements are medically inadvisable or tyrannical, or both. There are a lot of people in this category, including the woman on Fox News who compared the president’s chief health advisor to a Nazi war criminal because he wants people to get vaccinated. Prominent Republican politicians and right-wing media personalities have deterred millions of people from getting vaccinated against the Covid. Many of these people have contracted the virus who would not have had they been vaccinated, and among these, many have endured serious illness, and among these, many have died. The malefactors responsible for these deaths may not be prosecutable under federal or state criminal law, but they are serial killers just the same.