Text: © Edward Packard
Illustrations: © Trefny Dix

4:50 P.M.  E.D.T  April 1, 2010

Welcome aboard the Allegra, the fastest spacecraft ever built. Our mission is to find intelligent life in universe. After launch, we’ll accelerate to one hundred miles per second. Once we’re outside the solar system, we’ll attempt to activate hyper drive and go much faster.  

Unfortunately, right now you're looking, not at outer space, as we expected, but at the view through our spacecraft's windows. As you can see, we're still on the launch pad. The Allegra would have no trouble taking off today, but we have some technical trouble with the hyper drive that will take three or four weeks to fix. Launch date is now scheduled for May 1st.

7:00 P.M. E.D.T  April 8, 2010  update:

Repairs on the Allegra's hyper drive are going well. We expect launch to take place May 1st Noon, E.D.T.


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