Super Tuesday Aftermath

We now have a two-person race for the Democratic nomination. A refreshing development: Bloomberg was not able to buy the election. Many voters may have felt the way I did, which was irritation at the giant-sized postcards extolling the super-billionaire that kept arriving in the mail. The test of Bloomberg’s character is whether from now on he’ll concentrate more on defeating Trump and less on promoting himself. 

Warren did poorly at the polls, but she still has a solid segment of supporters. She’s remaining in the race for good reason. There’s a chance that voting at the convention will be deadlocked between Sanders and Biden. Warren may choose to drop out and back one of them at a critical moment. Less probably, but not to be ruled out, the leading candidates might agree to make her the nominee. She would be more appealing than Sanders to most Biden supporters, and more appealing than Biden to most Sanders supporters.