Ted Cruz: So Smart, So Stupid

There is no doubt that Senator Ted Cruz (R. Texas) is very smart. He was an academic star in college and law school and has had a dazzling career. One might wonder, then, why he was so stupid as to take his family on an impromptu tropical vacation during a state-wide calamity in which millions of his fellow Texans were suffering from life-threatening, and in some cases life-taking, frigid weather, prolonged power outages, and water shortages. 

The reason is that Cruz is an extreme egoist. He can only think of his own needs and wants. He can probably solve intricate and difficult logic problems, but his brain has a defect that prevents him from thinking about the feelings of others, even when thinking about others would work to his own selfish political advantage!

Cruz is rich and smart and powerful, but in the most important ways he is severely disadvantaged.