The Authoritarian Party 

The Political Party that is known as the Republican Party has embraced the mindset of the sociopathic former president, thereby disassociating itself from the “Grand Old Party,” the Republican Party of former times. 

In almost every state, Republicans have passed or are attempting to pass legislation targeted to reduce voter turnout among citizens likely to vote for Democrats. Recently, as Robert Reich reports, “State Republicans in 34 states have introduced 81anti-protest bills in 2021 so far,” including laws passed in Florida, Oklahoma, and Iowa granting immunity to drivers who drive through and injure crowds of protesters!

It’s evident that if a Putin-like aspiring despot took over leadership of the Republican Party, the great majority of Republican politicians would follow him. They would follow the sociopathic former president if he runs again. Simply put, most Republican politicians are authoritarian-minded, and there are a lot of them, and collectively they have a lot of power and pose a grave threat American democracy.