The Case of the Yet-To-Be-Appointed Special Master

The Justice Department has elected to appeal a Trump-appointed judge’s granting of Trump’s request that a special master be appointed to review all the documents the FBI recovered from Trump’s Florida residence. Honorable legal experts are in virtually unanimous agreement that this was an egregiously wrong ruling: It was not grounded in the law.It appears to have been based solely on favoritism toward Trump. The ruling seriously impairs the Justice Department’s investigation of Trump’s probable criminality in his taking and handling of classified documents and, even worse, will impede the FBI’s efforts to ascertain what happened to the documents in 48 empty folders the FBI found that were marked “classified.” The judge’s order itself amounted to obstruction of justice. Will the Justice Department’s appeal be successful. It’s not certain. The circuit court where the appeal will be argued is reportedly riddled with Trump loyalists.