The China / Russia / Climate Problem

In her Washington Post column yesterday the always astute Katrina vanden Heuval pointed out that even if the world leaders who recently convened in Glasgow were able to keep their pledges to reduce carbon emissions, which it appears they don’t have the will or political power to carry through on, two elephants that should have been in the room but weren’t, are Russia and China, both led by dictators who, let us say, lack team spirit. Both of them failed to send representatives to the conference. Both of them represent threats to world peace and stability. Both are inclined to threaten, challenge, and destabilize the U.S. Yet the cooperation of both is requisite to effectively addressing climate change. This presents another challenge to President Biden. He has to reach out to the dictators of these pivotal countries and try to engage their support in saving humanity without acceding to their imperious demands. It’s a seemingly impossible task.