The Communications Challenge

The case for voting Trump out of office in 2020 and replacing him with a highly qualified honorable and competent Democrat is overwhelming. For a good summary of it, see Jennifer Rubin’s March 25th Washington Post columns. The big challenge for Democrats will be to get their case across to the public in the face of relentless propagandizing by Republicans and their media allies, who we can expect to endlessly express faux righteous outrage at the detestable campaign Democrats have waged to undermine a Constitutionally elected president who is dedicated to making America great again, even going so far as to conduct a high-profile investigation of the president pursuant to their fake claim that they could prove “collusion,” and even though their investigation has been exposed as a total fraud, continuing to conduct their own multiple phony Congressional investigations in a desperate effort to distract the public from thinking about the fantastically great job President Trump has been doing in creating a booming economy, protecting our borders from terrorist gangs, destroying ISIS, and defusing the Obama-caused nuclear standoff with North Korea.

It’s too soon to tell whether truth will win out.