The Debt Ceiling Crisis, Continued

Too mmany people haven’t grasped the enormity of what the Republicans are doing to this country, the cruelty of the agenda they would impose on us if Biden meets their demands as a condition for raising the debt ceiling, and the economic catastrophe and its baleful reverberations that would ensue if he refuses to do so. Republicans blithely raised the debt ceiling during the Trump administration to finance tax cuts and tax breaks for corporations, the rich, and especially the super rich. Now they purport to be staunch fiscal conservatives. Their main agenda is to do whatever they can to discredit Biden regardless of how much havoc they cause.

I agree with those who urge Biden to invoke the 14th Amendment to the Constitution to justify the U.S. paying its bills on time without regard to the debt ceiling if no responsible agreement can be reached with Republicans. Biden should have his speech ready to deliver to the nation. The Solicitor General should have his brief ready to submit to the Supreme Court.