The Democratic Candidates Race

After Iowa, the race is all the more a horse race with no favorite. Biden faltered, but he will probably do better in states with a much larger percentage of African American voters, but many of these states are southern red states, which the Democratic candidate has little or no hope of winning. 

Biden must feel terribly disappointed, because he is by far the most experienced candidate, but he should realize that he is old, and voters have reason to worry about his mental acuity. Buttigieg has done astonishingly well, but, besides being alarmingly young and inexperienced, he strikes me as tending toward the robotic. Sanders may have peaked. I hope so. He is too old, too grouchy, and insufficiently smooth and pragmatic. There’s good reason to doubt his electability. 

Warren and Klobuchar are still in the running. And who’s that horse moving up on the outside? It’s Michael Bloomberg!