The Discovery of an Honest Republican Senator

Remember the ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes, who walked about Athens with a lantern, which he held in front of the faces of citizens he encountered? Diogenes said he was looking for an honest man. 

His lantern might have run out of oil if he had been looking among the Republican senators who would not allow witnesses to be called or relevant documents to be introduced in evidence, then kept out of sight or pretended for one clearly phony reason or another clearly phony reason that Trump should be acquitted. 

But if Diogenes had had enough oil in his lamp to keep it shining long enough, he would have eventually shone it on Mitt Romney, perhaps while the Utah Republican was making an excellent short speech explaining why he would vote to convict Trump of abuse of power and remove him from office. It was a dark day for American democracy, but a ray of light shone through, reflected from the face of the single honest Republican senator.