“The Eerie Stability of Trump’s Approval Rating, Explained”

The above headline is to an article by Ezra Klein in Vox.

Why is it that, as the evidence of Trump’s crimes, destructiveness, corruption, and incompetence piles higher by the day, his approval rating holds almost steady at about 42%?

Kliein gives reasons, but they doesn’t amount to a satisfactory explanation. How do you verify and quantify moral rot and fatalistic stupor, which appear to have enveloped a substantial percentage of the U.S. population?

Add this to the pile: a Washington Post news lead last evening:

“Trump suggests voting twice, once by mail and once in person.  The president encouraged voters to cast ballots twice to ensure their vote is counted. Intentionally voting twice is illegal, and in many states, including North Carolina,  it is a felony.”

We’re deep in surreal land, and it’s hard to see how it won’t get worse in the coming months.