The Fight for the Senate

Even if the Democrats hold the House and win the presidency in 2020, American Democracy will still be on the ropes if the Dems don’t win control of the Senate. That’s because Republican senators, led by their proto-fascist leader, Mitch McConnell, will almost certainly block progressive legislation advanced by Democrats, block Supreme Court nominations, and stall lower court nominations. Republican strategy will be the same as it was during Obama’s second term: paralyze the government, find a suitably stirring populist to run for president in 2024, retake control of the government. and continue to stuff the judiciary with right-wing ideologues to ensure perpetual, unchecked, one-party rule. 

      The stakes are so high that three candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hickenlooper, of Colorado, Bullock, of Montana, and O’Rourke, of Texas, have a patriotic duty to defer their presidential ambitions and try to oust the incumbent Republican senator in their respective states. It’s tragic that chances of this happening are close to nil.