The Fox News / Dominion Voting System Settlement, Continued

On April 6th, I recommended Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin’s online Friday Q & A “chats” with readers. They have since been rescheduled to be held on Wednesdays. What interested me most in yesterday’s session was the discussion of the settlement of Dominion Voting Systems libel law suit against Fox. Fox’s agreement to pay Dominion 787 billion dollars in damages was an acknowledgement of the likelihood that Dominion could not only prove that Fox falsely reported that Dominion’s voting machines were faulty, but also that Fox knew that it was airing false information with the malicious intent of supporting Trump’s Big Lie that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. Rubin speculates that more libel litigation against Fox is coming. That would be welcome. The more it’s publicized how Fox News operates, the more it will seep into public consciousness that Fox is not a legitimate news organization, but a right-wing propaganda disseminator.