The Future: A.I. / Incomes / Work / Equableness

Experts say it could happen: In thirty years or so, A.I. will be able to perform most of the work now done by humans, including that done by highly skilled humans employing the most advanced technology.

This may happen: A.I. will do most work more efficiently and at much less cost. The increase in productivity (the ratio of output to human labor) will be exponential. Most jobs will be eliminated. A.I machines get nearly all the work done at trivial cost. They could be like an enormous army of slaves that do all the work, but there‚Äôs nothing immoral about it because they are not sentient beings. They are still machines. Will this result in a utopian society, or one controlled by handfuls of super-oligarchs accompanied by rampant poverty, or some mess in between? Let’s hope that concern for equableness and the common good win out