The Grievance Machine

Chris Hayes, on his MSNBC news and opinion show “All In,” last evening, laid out how Republican politicians and their right-wing propagandistic media allies not only continue to promote the Big Lie that Biden stole the 2020 presidential election, they also promote the fantastical myth that the Democrats, socialists, coastal elites, closet communists, conspirators, and perverts that control governments and many corporations are, among other offenses, trying to take away our freedom — trying to replace real America with immigrants and minorities, trying to fleece the treasury, trying to destroy religious freedom, and trying to corrupt and brainwash our children, and that they are committing widespread voter fraud with the aim of rigging elections in their favor.

These Republican politicians and their right-wing propagandistic media allies cry, they whine, they shriek, they shake their heads with mock dismay, as they try to convince voters that it will take Republican control to save America from a mortal threat to America led by president Biden, who is sytematically ruining our country, taking it fartherr down the road to perdition every day. Hayes played some clips of deeply cynical, meretricious, contemptible performances by Fox News hosts and others. He calls them, collectively, “The Grievance Machine.” They are are a pox on the land, and they may bring American democracy down.