The Limits of Fair and Balanced

Headline for a Washington Post headline of a column by Mark Theissen: “If Trump incited Jan. 6, what about Schumer’s threats against Kavanaugh?”

The Washington Post’s roster of columnists spans the political spectrum. This would seem to be fair and balanced — a good policy. But when most of the right-wing side of the political spectrum supports a former president who fomented an insurrection as part of an orchestrated attempt to overturn a presidential election and install an authoritarian government, columnists aligned with this cohort are bound to be intellectually dishonest and morally deficient.

Senate Majority Leader) Schumer spoke in anger, but he said nothing illegal, and no one, not even Marc Thiessen, imagines that Schumer intended to do anything illegal. The gap between Schumer’s rhetorical excess and Trump’s conduct is so vast that Thiessen’s resort to “Whataboutism” is no less pathetic than it is reprehensible, a scrap of garbage not fit to print.