The Moral Descent of Republicans

Republicans –- just about all of them in Congress –– continue to cling to Trump despite overwhelming evidence of his deeply corrupt and patently impeachable conduct. They should be ashamed of themselves. Lacking the requisite degree of moral integrity to be capable of experiencing such an emotion, they are not. 

It would be one thing if Trump were an ordinary crook, seizing on opportunities to line his pockets with a few million bucks now and then, but also cared about serving the best interests of the United States and showed concern for others than himself and his family. One could imagine being content with letting him serve out his term of office and leaving redress for his crimes to judicial processes. But Trump is no ordinary crook. He knowingly subordinated the security interests of the United States in order to advance his political prospects by smearing a likely political opponent. That Republicans are still willing to defend such conduct signals their moral descent to the basement where Trump himself resides.