The Most Despicable Person of the Year

So much competition! Minority House Leader Kevin McCarthy has made an excellent case for himself, as have Republican Senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Ron Johnson, Tom Cotton, among other high ranking Republican politicians, including several contemptible governors. The list of execrable politicians and media personnel has never been longer nor has it ever included more sociopaths who would coast to victory under normal circumstances. And while I’m on that subject, let me give a special shout at Rupert Murdoch, who has never been adequately depreciated.

Note to wanabees Republican Representatives Majorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert: You’re both too obviously whacko to be as serious threats to American democracy as the front runners. You’re not in a class, for example, with mob henchmen Michael Flynn and Roger Stone, much less the incomparably repulsive Steve Bannon. Among media stars, Tucker Carlson’s stunningly ignoble performances have exceeded those even of Sean Hennessy, and both are certainly deserving of unparalleled excoriation.

How could I have not already mentioned the stupendously horrible Florida member of the House of Representatives, Matt Gaetz? Let me not be even more remiss in failing to acknowledge that standout among schmucks, Mark Meadows. And I want to give special condemnation to Arizona Republican Representative Paul Gosar, who produced and distributed an animation depicting himself murdering his progressive Democratic colleague Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, an imaginative and bold attempt to win the title. There are many more miscreants than I have space to list here, all worthy of dishonorable mention, but like you, Mr. Gosar, they are all also-rans. Once again, as happens year after year, hands down, Donald J Trump is the most despicable person of the year.